I am so happy to share a beautiful and intimate DC wedding of two people who are very deserving of each other and all good things in life. Two years ago, I had the pleasure of photographing a couples session for this beautiful duo so being asked to return to DC to photograph their wedding was such an honor.

Michael and Bernice are one of the most fun loving couples I know and enjoyed every single part of their wedding day. It was a joy witnessing their special love for one another as well as documenting it. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from their day as much as I loved photographing every detail handpicked by them.

Massiwer Wedding_Highlights-25.jpg
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photo :  CANDID FRAMES PHOTOGRAPHY || coordination : SYDNEY BARTON, URBAN GRACE EVENTS ||  ceremony venue : SPANISH STEPS AT KALORAMA ||  violinist : THE FIDDLE DIVA  || guest shuttle service : CHARIOTS FOR HIRE || florist : MABLE’S TABLES FLOWERS || reception venue : CLYDE’S AT GALLERY PLACE || dj : DJ GREG GILLIS ||