It’s almost Porsha and Kameron’s wedding day and I couldn’t be more excited. Porsha and Kameron are both amazing so it was no surprise that they were both surrounded by so many friends and family to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. I’m so honored to share a few of the beautiful details from this gorgeous couples shower. Everything was thoughtfully planned out including the gorgeous dessert table. Such a wonderful event to shower a beautiful couple before they say “I do”.

Hose Shower_Decor-5.jpg
Hose Shower_Decor-6.jpg
Hose Shower_Decor-20.jpg
Hose Shower_Decor-11.jpg
Hose Shower_Decor-7.jpg
Hose Shower_Decor-19.jpg
Hose Shower_Decor-18.jpg
Hose Shower_Decor-39.jpg
Hose Shower_Decor-17.jpg
Hose Shower_Decor-15.jpg
Hose Shower_Decor-3.jpg
Hose Shower_Decor-8.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-2.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-4.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-6.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-20.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-5.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-7.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-9.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-12.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-18.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-22.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-19.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-32.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-36.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-38.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-11.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-45.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-31.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-49.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-54.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-57.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-56.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-60.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-63.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-64.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-67.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-59.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-68.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-69.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-70.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-72.jpg
Hose Shower_Guests-58.jpg

Vendors: Caterer: Chef Smith Smith’s Gourmet Creations | Decor: Paul-Ann of My Party Divas | Dessert Table: Apples 2 Love | Cookies: She Bakes It