Tash in Brussels

Tash in Brussels

I'm so happy to launch my new brand, Candid Frames Photography.  As excited as I am I can't help but feel that it's such a daunting task but I truly feel living life candidly will help debunk all of those fearful feelings.  I realize if I want to be successful in life I can't operate in fear and I can't procrastinate any longer.  Im so excited that at this time in my life I'm able to travel more and by doing so I'm able to meet various couples and families all over while providing my services as a photographer.

It's time to live life! It's time to live my best life!  No more wasting time on planning and thinking "if only I can get here then I'll be able to do this, that and the other" or "if I was here in life then I'd be able to do this."  No more feeling that you're never quite ready because you probably will never be exactly where you want to be at the time you want to be there.  BUT that's OK! You can live the life you truly want.  You will get there!  After all, your thought process and what you think of yourself affect where you'll get in life. Yes, you can have faith but you must equally believe.

Start embracing where you are in life and enjoy the little moments as you watch big moments come your way... 

If you continue planning and planning and planning you just might look up one day and realize you've planned too much time away.  So I invite you to follow along with me and live life and Live it CANDIDly.  I truly hope I can provide some inspiration and encouragement along the way.