Yay! You're expecting or maybe he or she has already arrived!  What a wonderful time to celebrate in your life as well as a new beautiful life and I'm so excited to be a part of this process.  The birth of a baby is a wonderful life changing event and maternity/newborn photography is the perfect way to capture this period of time and create the opening chapter of your baby's story.  These are the images that will be treasured for years to come.  I will not only want to capture the emotion and excitement around your baby's arrival but I hope I can be there to document the precious moments even after the arrival. But how do you prepare? And what should you expect during your experience with Candid Frames? How do you confirm your session?  

This welcome guide will provide you with a full overview of what you can expect from your session as well as the additional sessions available throughout your maternity and your new infant's first year. Keep scrolling for tips and information on how to prepare and confirm your upcoming session.  Remember I'm just a text, email or phone call away if there's something this guide does not address for you.   






About your session

First, decide whether you want to go for a more relaxed and natural looking maternity session or if you want to glam it up a bit.  The focus of your session will be capturing the emotion and excitement around your baby's coming arrival.  The maternity session is all about you and what this moment means for you.  Have a specific color or theme in mind?  Want something gender neutral? I can customize your sessions to fit your needs. We can then translate that to your newborn and/or post newborn sessions if you're opting to purchase those sessions as well.  Take a look at the "Belly to Birthday" package. It's a great way to chronicle your infant's first year of progression.

Prices and Packages:

Capture this special moment and or the progression of your infant's new life with these available options.  

What to Expect

Before your session

Once we've decided and confirmed a date, begin thinking about your goals for the portrait session such as outfits, themes, props and color schemes (if any) and be sure to add them to the questionnaire on the payment page.  This will give me inspiration and insight for creating a custom look for your session.

In order to reserve your day, a non-refundable 50% session fee deposit for all session and 25% deposit for Belly to Birthday package. The remaining balance is due the day of your session. See the "confirm your session" section below for more information. Keep in mind, newborn sessions will be tentatively booked, with actual session date determined upon delivery.

During your session

On the day of your session, we'll meet at the agreed location and time and start snapping away! 

Meeting Outdoors (excludes newborn sessions)

If we are meeting outdoors, we will collaborate on finding the perfect location to suit the overall “mood” of your session. This can include a scenic landscape, urban setting, neighborhood, or somewhere special you have in mind.

Meeting indoors (For newborn/post newborn sessions)

If we meet at your home, I will find the best area with the best lighting where I'll do the majority of your session. This will pretty much be where I can find a large window or a room that has a lot of natural light such as your bedroom or your baby nursery, the living room and sometimes even the kitchen/dining room. I'll set up a small studio so you can help me prepare these areas by clearing a space for me to work in. If additional styling is needed, we will work together to create an atmosphere where I can photograph. 

After your session

After your shoot, I will typically upload a teaser to my blog and Facebook page for you to view and share with your friends and family.  It takes approximately two to three weeks to retouch your images and prepare your full gallery. If you'd like to plan a special way to announce your pregnancy, gender reveal or birth, please let me know.  We can adjust the timing and/or even create a custom post just for this purpose. 

Proofing and Printing 

Once your images are ready, I will email you a direct link to your online gallery where you can view, share, download and order prints of your images.  You are welcome to order prints from my professional lab through the online gallery or download your images to get prints made at a lab of your choice. Your gallery will be available for one year so you are encouraged to download your high resolution images through this website and back them up appropriately for long term keeping.  You can also order a mini USB of your high resolution digital images for an additional charge.  

Standard prints are generally printed and shipped within 1 business day. Fine Art(Rag, Bamboo, Sugar, Cane, BFK Rives) and Canvas prints may take up to 7 business days

Announcement & custom cards

I also offer custom maternity/birth announcements, thank you cards or birthday invitations.  Cards are designed with images from your sessions and are available in 5x7 flat cards. Once you have seen and selected which image you're interested in, just contact me to get the process started. Please inform me in advance and allow ample time for this process.

Fine Art Gallery Wrapped Canvases

You can also turn your photograph into a showpiece item.  These canvas prints are protected from all contaminants and are resistant to scratches and fingerprints.  Gallery wraps feature 1 1/2" solid wood stretchers, solid paper backing, rubber bumpers, and a wire hanger.  They are printed, hand-crafted, hand-cut and hand-packaged in-house, with a variety of customizable hardware available.  order quality fine art gallery wrapped canvases through the online gallery.  Here is an awesome print guide from Jennifer Squires Productions and another guide from Anna Tsoulogiannis on her blog AnnawithLove.com to help you select the size most appropriate for you. 

Preparing for your session

Maternity Session

I recommend gorgeous wraps and gowns that photograph beautifully, as well as silk body scarves. Think of things that flow as these will look beautiful outside especially in a field.  You can also incorporate long flowing and elegant tiered skirts, angel wings, and more just to name a few. Long fitted dresses can lengthen and slenderize your overall appearance yet display your belly. All in all, wear what is most comfortable and most "you" and look for clothes that will accentuate your belly.  If you don't want to purchase a dress you can always check online for websites where you can rent long flowing maternity dresses at a fraction of the price. Saturated colors like green, blue, red, purple, orange and yellow will really pop in your photos.  I usually don’t recommend too much white or pastels. Also when putting together outfits for larger groups, try to coordinate, not match.  Pick 3-4 colors and mix them all in. 

Newborn Sessions

Newborn photography is incredibly beautiful but can be challenging. There’s quite a bit of planning and prep that goes into making these sessions successful.  Here are a few tips to help you prepare for this type of session and how to get the most out of it.

  • Give me an estimated date of arrival

This will ensure a spot on my calendar.  When your baby arrives just make sure you notify me as soon as you can so we can arrange a time for your session within the first 14 days of the birth.  The later you wait, the less time we have to catch that precious moment of your infant being a newborn which means we'll miss out on the deep sleep moments I'll need to get the curly poses and shots for you session.  As your newborn gets older, we may have a fight on our hands acquiring various poses as they newborn begins to discover stretching and the environment around them. 

  • Feed, change and allow your baby to sleep just before I arrive.  

If your newborn is asleep when I arrive that's simply ok.  I will spend a little time upon arrival setting the scene for the shoot and having your newborn fed, changed and in a deep sleep will make for the start of a great session. Kick up the thermostat a bit before I arrive to entice your newborn to sleep better. It can get a little warm during the session for the adults but be perfect for the baby.  Consider having a space heater available rather than warming the entire house if you'd like. 

  • Gather and set aside props for your session

I will of course bring my selection of props such as baskets, blankets, headbands and wraps for your session.  If you've selected a theme and/or have props and special outfits to be used for your session, please pull these items together. When shopping for outfits, consider unique headbands, textured diaper covers, ruffles and knit hats to name a few.  When you find these items, email or text them to me so I'll have an idea how it will fit into the scene. Once I arrive we'll go through the items and props to choose the best items for the scene. 

  • Consider taking pictures with your newborn

If you're interested in taking pictures with your newborn, please let me know. I'd love to capture this sweet moment if you feel up to it.  If so, you'll need to consider a simple knit shirt, hair, makeup and nails which will get attention from the camera. There's also the option of taking pictures of the baby without showing your face.  For example, you holding the baby over your shoulder. Your face won't be seen but your hair and shirt will. 

Post Newborn Sessions

Post newborn sessions are much like newborn sessions but document important milestones during their first year such as when they start sitting up by themselves, when their first few teeth grow in, and when they're so full of life and excited about the environment around them.  This is a time when babies usually smile more which makes for a fun photo session.  Think bright colors, cute hats and small props for these sessions.  If you want something more natural, think of a cute hat, flower or a pop of color that'll really make the photo stand out.  Make sure your infant is well fed and rested for this session.