Welcome to Candid Frames Photography.  I'm so happy you've chosen me to capture this special moment in your life.  Keep scrolling for more information about your session, frequently asked questions, and how to confirm your upcoming session(s).



Welcome to Candid Frames Photography.  I'm so happy you've chosen me to capture this special moment in your life.  Keep scrolling for more information about your session, frequently asked questions, and how to confirm your upcoming session(s).


Yay! You're graduating!  What a wonderful time to celebrate in your life and I'm so excited to be a part of this process. Graduation is coming up and it's that time to start thinking about your Senior Portraits. My senior portraits sessions are open for any high school junior, senior and college graduate.  And don't forget about pre-prom photos.  Let's get rid of the cheesy background and poses and grab a group of your friends and capture some glamorous, outdoor photos just before you head off to the festivities.  I also have college graduation portrait sessions that include a professional headshot to transition you to the corporate world, but how do you prepare? And what should you expect during your experience with Candid Frames? How do you confirm your session?  

This welcome guide will provide you with a full overview of what you can expect from your session. Keep scrolling for tips and information on how to prepare and confirm your upcoming session and for frequently asked questions.  Remember I'm just a text, email or phone call away if there's something this guide does not address for you.


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About your session

First, think about the location, outfit and if you'd like to add someone special in a few of your portraits such as a best friend or family members.  We can tailor your sessions just for you.  Do you love urban or scenic backgrounds? Are you considering wearing your favorite pair of cowboy boots or incorporating your musical instrument or sporting equipment in the shoot?  These are all things to think about when deciding the outcome of your session. Your senior portraits are a reflection of your style, personality and interest and my goal is to capture all of that and create captivating portraits tailored specifically for you. 


Senior Portraits Sessions

Full Session: $250

60 minute session, 2 outfit, 1 location, high res digital files, online gallery, blog post

Extended Session: $350

2 hour session including two locations, multiple wardrobe changes, high res digital files, online gallery, blog post

Double Take: $500

Share the cost of your senior package with a friend and split time during your session.  

This package includes 3 hours, two locations, multiple wardrobe changes, full collection of digital files, 2 online proof galleries, blog post

College Graduates: $250

90 minute session, 3 outfits (one for professional headshot), 1 location, high res digital files, online gallery, blog post

Pre-Prom Portrait Sessions

Individual Couple Mini Package

$75 per couple

30 min coverage

1 location

Online Gallery

10-15 digital files per person including individual and group shots

Watermarked copies for social media

Group Package

$350 for 6 couples or $60 per couple

60 min coverage

1 location

Online Gallery for each person

10-15 digital files per person plus individual and group shots

Watermarked copies for social media

Kahmil Scott-0147.jpg

Preparing for your session

I strive to create senior portrait and pre-prom sessions that are uniquely designed and special to you and your personality. It's about capturing the true and candid side of you.  Take a moment to think about what your style is and how you would like your session photographed. Here are a few tips to help you start preparing for your upcoming session. 


Have you decided what type of style you want? Knowing what style you like will help in choosing a location.  Is it urban, scenic, grassy, etc? If you have a location in mind, let me know.  I love finding spots around town that will make your session unique and like no one else's. When I find a location I like to move around and change it up a bit during the session so keep in mind I like locations that have a little variety so we can change the background.  I don't shoot in a studio so get ready to get into that gorgeous, outdoor natural light to find that perfect scene for your session. 

For sessions with two locations, make sure that your two locations are in close proximity to keep travel between the locations to a minimum.  This will make sure you get ample time for actual photos.  You may also want to have someone accompany you so you can spend the transition time changing clothes while traveling to the next location.  


Do you play sports, member of the band, on the track team or on the cheerleading team just to name a few? Maybe you danced in high school. Then I welcome you to bring anything that represents your involvement. This includes uniforms, pom poms, track shoes, footballs, instruments, ballet shoes and such.  Anything that commemorates who you are will definitely enhance your shoot and make it more of your own style. 

Hair and makeup

To really get the most out of your session it is highly recommend that you to wear clean, natural looking makeup with an emphasis on lips and eyelashes. This of course applies more so for the ladies and for portrait sessions since it is assumed that your make up is done for prom. During senior portrait sessions, accentuating your eyes will definitely enhance the look of your images. Be sure to get plenty of rest to avoid tired and baggy eyes on camera and so you'll be energized for your session. 


Your portrait session is all about you so I encourage you to bring a few options that will show off your personality and style. You can also feel free to contact me before your session with questions or ideas about outfits.  I am active on social media so you can even tag me to a photo on Instagram or Facebook of a fashionable look you're in love with.  I can assist you in selecting the best look for each location to help make your portrait session the best it can be.  

If you book a session with multiple outfit changes, keep in mind time is limited and the more time you spend getting ready between outfits, the less time we have to shoot. Here are a few tips and recommendations for selecting outfits and being prepared for the day of your session:

And a few extras for the ladies

  • Feel free to wear heels if you choose however I encourage you to bring an extra pair of comfortable walking shoes along with you for any session you book with me.  We may do a little bit of walking around the area.
  • If you wear very light bottoms, be weary of what you wear underneath your outfits because there's a chance it will show thorough. 
  • Remember to bring makeup and lip gloss as well as a hair brush, spray or clips for quick touch ups. 
  • Don't forget to groom those eyebrows
  • And make sure those nails are freshly painted even if it's a clear coat.  This includes toes too.  You never know if you might kick off those shoes!!


General recommendations

  • I'd normally recommend solid colors and to stay away from strips because it could confuse the camera but if your style is bold and you love mixing prints and colors, I say go for it! The best images are made when you are comfortable and confident in what you're wearing so be sure to wear what is unique to you. The idea is to document you and your style.

  • Also be sure that your clothing is clean and free of wrinkles.
  • Bring scarves, hats, jackets – anything that will add to your photo.

  • When planning your outfits, think about your outfit from head to toe and don't be afraid to accessorize.  The extra items make your session unique but be sure not to go overboard. 



Preparing for your session is no different than a model preparing for a photo shoot. Lay out your outfit(s) and grab a snap shot of them.  You can even text or email them to me if you like! For more ideas on outfits, check out my pinterest style guide on great fashion options for senior portraits. Remember accessories are just as important as the outfit.

For sessions with multiple outfit changes on the day of your shoot, bring your outfits organized, pressed and ready for a quick change.  It's critical in making sure time is effectively managed.  You can even attach your shoes, accessories and jewelry to each outfit to stay organized.  Feel free to bring additional pieces in case you need help choosing an outfit.

What to Expect

Before your session

Once we've decided and confirmed a date, begin thinking about your goals for the portrait session such as outfits, themes, props and color schemes (if any) and be sure to add them to the questionnaire at the end of this guide.  When a senior books a session with me, I do my best to get to know them and filling out the questionnaire in its entirety will give me inspiration and insight for creating a custom look for your session.

Prior to your session we will decide on your location so think about what outfits you'll want and props if any you'd like to incorporate.  Also schedule your appointment to have your hair and makeup done for the session as well. 

Some things to think about before your session:

  • Get comfortable with posing and don't be afraid to get a little creative.  Surf the web, pinterest and your favorite glamourous magazines and spend a few minutes in front of the mirror practicing the poses and what seems natural to you.  This will help you get comfortable when I begin assisting you in different poses.  If you manage to naturally give them to me or have ideas you'd like to try on camera, it makes the session all the better. 

In order to reserve your day, a non-refundable $50 deposit {remaining balance due the day of your session} and a signed contract are required.  See the "confirm your session" section below for more information. 

During your session

On the day of your session, we'll meet at the agreed location, chat briefly on our ideas and plan of action then start snapping away! We will walk around to different parts of the location and I'll stop here and there to ask you to pose or do something interesting. I shoot in a relaxed yet fast-paced style.  I want to make sure you're comfortable and looking your best while getting the shots needed. Most shoots are approximately 1-2 hours and usually take place in the late afternoon or early evening when the sun is just about to go down.   

After your session

I will typically upload a teaser to my blog and Facebook page for you to view and share with your friends and family.  It takes approximately two to three weeks to retouch your images and prepare your full gallery.


Once your images are ready, I will email you a direct link to your online gallery where you can view, share, download and order prints of your images.  You are welcome to order prints from my professional lab through the online gallery or download your images to get prints made at a lab of your choice. Your gallery will be available for three months so you are encouraged to download your high resolution images through this website and back them up appropriately for long term keeping.  You can also order a mini USB of your high resolution digital images for an additional charge.  

Standard prints are generally printed and shipped within 1 business day. Fine Art (Rag, Bamboo, Sugar, Cane, BFK Rives) and Canvas prints may take up to 7 business days


I also offer custom graduation announcements, thank you cards or invitations.  Cards are designed with images from your sessions and are available in 5x7 flat cards. Once you have seen and selected which image you're interested in, just contact me to get the process started. Please inform me in advance and allow ample time for this process.


You can also turn your photograph into a showpiece item.  These canvas prints are protected from all contaminants and are resistant to scratches and fingerprints.  Gallery wraps feature 1 1/2" solid wood stretchers, solid paper backing, rubber bumpers, and a wire hanger.  They are printed, hand-crafted, hand-cut and hand-packaged in-house, with a variety of customizable hardware available.  Here is an awesome print guide from Jennifer Squires Productions and another guide from Anna Tsoulogiannis on her blog AnnawithLove.com to help you select the size most appropriate for you. 

Let's get started!!

If you're ready to plan your senior session and would like to find out availability I'd love to hear from you!