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Frequently asked questions

Get ready for your upcoming session with these Frequently Asked Questions.


Frequently asked questions

Get ready for your upcoming session with these Frequently Asked Questions.


What is the turnaround time for products?

WEDDINGS: 4-6 weeks


Images needed much sooner may require an additional fee. Under normal circumstances, I may post a few sneak peek images on the blog or through social media so make sure you and your friends are subscribed to my social media outlets. Your final digital files will be delivered via the client proofing site.  This online gallery also has a cart/ordering system where you can order extra prints, share and download images directly through the site. 

How will I receive the images?

Once you're images are completed and ready to view a link to the client proofing site will be provided to you where you can view, download, share and order prints. You may request to have you images delivered via a hard drive or USB drive for an additional fee.  

Do you touch up all the images in our image download?

Yes, minor retouching is included with every photo provided. Every image I deliver is post produced with my signature style which involves color correction, exposure adjustment, processing and other adjustments. Special effects and cosmetic retouching is available at an additional cost.

Where am I located and can I travel?

My studio is located in Forest Park, GA 12 miles south of downtown Atlanta and 9 miles east of Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport. I also travel and regularly book clients in New York, New Jersey and Washington DC. Cost of travel and reasonable accommodations may apply.

So, how do I get started?

It’s easy! Just click on the button below to get started by checking availability for your shoot. After we've discussed your shoot and set a date, an invoice, contract, and questionnaire (if applicable) will be emailed to you. Can't wait to talk to you!

Click the type of session below for more specific frequently asked questions.

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Maternity FAQs

Maternity FAQs


When is the best time to shoot my maternity session?

Maternity: I prefer to schedule maternity sessions between 28 to 32 weeks. I love this time frame because your belly is of ample size but you probably haven't reached the uncomfortable stage which usually happens within your last 4 to 6 weeks. We also don't want to wait too late in case the baby makes an early arrival nor do we want to do it too early when your belly isn't large enough to show in your images.

How soon should I schedule my maternity session?

It's never too early to schedule your session although I usually book at least 3 weeks out.  I also recommend that you call me before you are at least 30 weeks to be certain that I can fit you in my schedule.

When should I schedule my newborn and post newborn sessions?

Newborn: I encourage you to schedule your newborn session before your baby arrives. We will use your expected due date as a point of reference upon signing up which will allow me to make sure I'm available around this time span.  Once your baby arrives, we will set up a specific date within the first two weeks of your infants birth. Newborn sessions booked after the baby arrives will be scheduled based on availability.

Post Newborn sessions: These sessions can be scheduled at anytime and will be based on availability. I recommend checking my availability four to six weeks prior.  For the belly to birthday package you have the option of having two post newborn sessions which can take place at anytime during the first year.  Most clients choose a 6 month session and a cake smash at the 12 month mark.

Where will we do my session?

I normally shoot maternity sessions outdoors (weather permitting) because I simply love natural light however I offer studio sessions as well. Outdoor sessions can be done in a variety of locations such as parks, farms, urban settings, fields or your favorite areas around the city.  I have a few locations I frequent however I can scout out locations and settings uniquely for you.  Newborn sessions are done in my studio however home newborn sessions are available as well.  In my studio I have all the backdrops, props and outfits needed for your session however you can definitely incorporate any props of your own. Post newborn sessions can also be done in the studio or outdoors.

Do I offer birth photography?

Currently due to my travel schedule I do not offer birth photography. Unfortunately, I am unable to be available at a moments notice to photograph the birth.

Can I include my husband or children in the session?

Yes! Husbands and children are more than welcomed. I understand that its important to capture that very amazing moment of your life with the people that are dear to you most. This new addition is as much in their life as it is in yours.  If you have a larger family, please let me know as there may be an additional charge.

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Why newborn photography and when should I have my newborn photographed?

Your newborn will only be a newborn for a short period of time and you will want to capture those tiny moments.  Newborns pictures are best taken during the first 2 weeks of birth.  It's during this time the baby is very sleepy and tiny and still has that natural curl that's so amazing to capture.  They can very easily be moved into cozy, cuddly positions and can be adorned with hats and headbands with little to no complaints!

How do I schedule my newborn photo session when I don’t know when he or she will be born?

Inform me of your estimated due date and I'll block time off during that time frame.  When your baby finally arrives, contact me as soon as you can and we will set a specific date from there.  I aim to schedule newborn sessions around 7-10 days.

When should I schedule my newborn session?

Please schedule your newborn session while you are still pregnant to ensure I am available around your due date. Obviously, expected due dates can vary but if you book early enough, I can be sure to clear my schedule to be available within the time frame of your due date. Once you give birth, all you'll have to do is confirm a date with me.  I encourage you not to wait until the last minute to book your newborn session. Waiting until after the baby is born, you'll run the risk of missing the "newborn" stage...so book early.

Where will we do the newborn session?

Im happy to offer newborn sessions in my studio located in Forest Park, GA. You’ll have confidence knowing that everything will be set up and ready as soon as you arrive. You’ll also have the option to choose colors, props and outfits you’d like for the session. Home newborn sessions can also be scheduled for clients looking for more simple and natural lifestyle session.

Do you offer a Fresh 48 session also known as Afterglow session?

Yes. Very soon I will be transitioning into Birth photography.  For now I offer a fresh 48 session which includes a photo session at the hospital or at home for home deliveries with in the first 48 hours of birth.  This is a great way to capture all of the initial reactions and emotions of you and your loved ones meeting your baby for the very first time. I shoot them with a photojournalist style and a few posed images.  Think of me as a fly on the wall capturing all of the love and anticipation your friends and family has had over the past few months. 


Weddings and Engagement

Weddings and Engagement


Do you photograph sessions in a studio or on location?


Both! I photograph on location and specialize in natural light photographs but I also have a studio located in Forest Park.  Locations can range from a variety of settings such as urban, country side, vintage fields and much more.  I do have a list of places I like to frequent but I'm always open to new and exciting locations.  If you have a particular place in mind or somewhere that is special to you, I'd love nothing more than to try and shoot there.  Keep in mind that some locations may require a permit and fee which the client will be responsible for.  I am also a travel photographer so I am available to travel to other locations for your engagement session or destination wedding. 

Will you reschedule in case of bad weather?

Of course! We will discuss our options in the event of bad weather.  Don't let a less than sunny day fool you.  Sometimes cloudy skies make the best lighting situations for photo sessions.  We can also photograph in my studio as a backup.

Can we schedule our engagement session for the weekend?

engagement tt.jpg

Yes you can however I prefer to shoot on weekdays because most locations are typically less crowded. 

What should we wear?

Your portrait session is all about you, your significant other and both of your styles put together. I would encourage you to wear something that compliments each other.  I wouldn't recommend to exactly match each other, but rather, select outfits that create a cohesive feel that unites the both of you while keeping your personalities in tact. Color is a great way to use as an accent to coordinate your outfits together. Check out my pinterest style guide for my favorite cohesive looks for engagement sessions.  

What about hair and makeup?

I currently do not offer hair or makeup services with my packages however I do have a preferred list of artist that I can refer you to.  Please note while make up is not a requirement I highly suggest it. If nothing else, a nice natural application with an emphasis on lips and eyelashes goes a long way and will enhance the look of your images. Also be sure to get plenty of rest to avoid tired and baggy eyes on camera.  You are making the investment and I want the images to be the absolute best version of yourself on camera.

Can we order save the dates of our images? Is that included in the price?

Absolutely I'd love to collaborate on creating save the dates, thank you cards and/or announcement cards.  I also offer guest books with images from your engagement shoot.  Many clients use them as a sign in book for their wedding.


What type of events do you shoot?

I can shoot any event and cater my captures to your specific needs.  I photograph corporate events, weddings, receptions, showers, birthday parties, gender reveals and grand opening receptions to name a few.  I'd capture all of the details such as candids of guests enjoying the event, speakers, grand entrances and more.  I shoot in a relaxed yet fast-paced style.  I want to make sure you're comfortable as well as your guests while getting the shots needed. 

What is my wedding shooting style?

For weddings I offer a mixed approach ranging between candid images, photojournalist style and traditional.  I aim to capture all of the emotions and moments taking place while including those posed traditional shots.

What type of sessions do you offer related to weddings?

My current focus has been on maternity, newborn and family photography however I accept a small amount of wedding photography each year. Additionally I offer engagement sessions, bridal sessions, wedding & reception coverage, day after session, vow renewals, elopements and boudoir sessions. Let me know if you interested in any additional services.

How many photos will I received from my wedding or event?

All weddings, wedding parties and events are different so it's a difficult questions to answer.  I will say I never limit the amount of photos I take. You will be guaranteed a minimum number however you may receive more depending on the type and length of your event. Remember my prices are based on time covered.

When is the best time to take engagement pictures?

I absolutely love the golden hour which is either at sunrise or sunset.  The warm glow provides the perfect setting for those romantic engagement settings. 

What if I have to cancel my event?

Should you need to cancel or postpone your even, your non refundable deposit can be applied to a rescheduled shoot or event. You'll have to a year to reschedule a session before the deposit is forfeited.  

Do I deliver every image I shot?

Short answer, no. I work hard to provide you with the best images from your session so I eliminate duplicate images, test shots, missed focused/unfocused shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that may dilute the overall product delivery.  In a nutshell I eliminate the images I feel are duplicates and only deliver the very best images from your session. 


Potrait & Lifestyle

Potrait & Lifestyle



Do you photograph sessions in a studio or on location?

Both! I photograph on location and specialize in natural light photographs but I also have a studio located in Forest Park.  Locations range from a variety of settings such as urban, country side, vintage fields and much more.  I do have a list of places outdoors I like to frequent but I'm always open to new and excited locations.  If you have a particular place in mind or somewhere that is special to you, I'd love nothing more than to try and shoot there.

Will you reschedule in case of bad weather?

Of course! We will discuss our options in the event of bad weather.  Don't let a less than sunny day fool you.  Sometimes cloudy skies make the best lighting situations for photo sessions.  My studio is always a back up option.

What should I wear?

Your portrait session is all about you so I encourage you to show off your personality and style. This includes family shoots.  I suggest picking a color scheme and allow everyone to include their own style and flair while creating a cohesive look that reflects everyone.

Feel free to shoot me an email, text or tag me on Instagram or Facebook  if you see something that interests you.  I will assist you in selecting the best look for each location to help make your portrait session the best it can be.  

Here are a few general recommendations:

  • I'd normally recommend solid colors and to stay away from strips because it could confuse the camera but if your style is bold and you love mixing prints and colors I say go for it! The best images are made when you are comfortable and confident in what you're wearing so be sure to wear what is unique to you. The idea is to document you and your style.

  • Also be sure that your clothing is clean and free of wrinkles.

  • Bring scarves, hats, jackets – anything that will add to your photo.

  • When planning your outfits think about your outfit from head to toe and don't be afraid to accessorize. The extra items make your session unique but be sure not to go overboard. Check out my pinterest style guide on great fashion options for family portraits.


Here are a few additional recommendations for the ladies:

  • Feel free to wear heels if you choose however I encourage you to bring an extra pair of comfortable walking shoes along with you for any session you book with me. We may do a little bit of walking around the area.

  • If you wear very light bottoms, be weary of what you wear underneath your outfits because there's a chance it will show thorough.

  • Remember to bring makeup and lip gloss as well as a hair brush, spray or clips for quick touch ups.

  • Don't forget to groom those eyebrows

  • And make sure those nails are freshly painted even if it's a clear coat. This includes toes too. You never know if you might kick off those shoes!!


Boudoir & Beauty FAQ

Boudoir & Beauty FAQ

Any tips on how I can prepare for my boudoir session?

Remember your boudoir session is all about you! Preparing will give you the peace of mind and confidence you need to bring out your inner sexy. 


Here are my top 10 recommendations: 

  1. Arrive to your session well rested and relaxed.  
  2. Wear loose fitting clothing to avoid red marks on the skin from bra, waistband and sock lines.  
  3. Start hydrating yourself prior to your session preferable a week before/8 glasses of water a day.  Well hydrated skins will appear more radiant and youthful.
  4. Exfoliate and moisture your skin prior to your session especially knees and elbows. It will make a world of difference in your skin's appearance.  
  5. Don't forget to shave and/or wax the day prior.
  6. Come to your session make up ready however if arrangements have been made for make-up to take place at the session, come with a freshly washed and moisturized face, your base foundation and dry hair so that the hair/make-up artist can start pampering you right away.  If your session does not include hair/make-up I suggest you get it professionally done, use photo finish make-up and wear false lashes so your eyes can pop and have that sexy look.  
  7. Don't forget your eyebrows. Groom them at least a week prior.
  8. Please avoid self tanners as they will turn your skin orange in your images and stains the bedding/backgrounds.
  9. Clear deodorant will also help to not stain or shed your lingerie the day of the shoot.
  10. Your hands and fee will also get a lot of attention during the shoot and freshly manicured nails (hands and toes) will complete the look. Every girl needs a little bit of pampering from time to time, so definitely take this time to do these things to get the most out of your session.


What should I wear?

  • Lingerie: Push-up bras, bra/panty sets, camisoles, slip, negligee, chemise, teddy, baby dolls, peignoir, corset, bustier, body suit, silk robe, garter belt, bikini and thong underwear, boy shorts, cheeky panties to name a few
  • Hosiery: Sheer thigh highs black/nude, fishnet stockings, cuban or french heel stockings, body stockings
  • Something that's HIS: a button-down collared shirt, necktie, team jersey etc
  • For the Bride to be: Wedding veil and shoes, engagement ring, wedding band, garter belt, honeymoon lingerie, wedding jewelry
  • Props (optional): Wraps, furs, fur throws, scarves, hats
  • Jewelry: Pearls, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings etc
  • Shoes: Black heels, nude heels, boots
  • Make-up: Bring extra lipstick, liner, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner and powder for touch ups and the enhance your look during the photo session.

Do you offer maternity boudoir?


Do you offer Boudoir or Beauty shoots for groups such as a bridal party?

YES!!! I'd be trilled to plan a photo party for your group.  This package is perfect for any group such as a bridal party. It can be held at a hotel, studio or home of your choosing. Make it an extra special party by sharing wardrobe, jewelry, makeup and cocktails. Each person receives a 45 minute shoot, 10 retouched photos, make up services and light hair touch ups.  *Invite 5 or more friends and as the host your shoot is free




Can I change my hair during my session?

I'd love to show off multiple styles however there will only be time for quick and simple changes with hair and outfits. You can absolutely do that during your session.  This is to make sure you have enough time for your pictures. 

How many outfit changes can I do in one session? 

Feel free to bring 1 to 2 different clothing changes for any session however show up to your session with the outfit you plan to begin shooting in. Before we start photographing, we can look at the other options and choose the best outfit for the next setting if there's time for another wardrobe change. 

Should I bring my mom or dad to my session or a friend?

Please please please bring along anyone who'll make you laugh.  I want you to be comfortable so feel free to bring along a support system to accompany you during your session however, please limit this to no more than two people. I highly recommend you bring at least one parent with you.  A parent is always a valuable assistant during a shoot and can help with the transition between outfits.  Friends are great assistants as well and often times makes sessions more fun.  I offer special rates for friends and you can book your sessions back to back or together which also makes it more unique! Friends often times bring out the best smiles in each other plus you'd get amazing pictures together.

Do you offer group / friends sessions?

Absolutely! I definitely have a package available for this. I adore these types of sessions so keep this in mind when prom comes around too.  They can be a lot of fun and provide you with lasting memories. 

Will you reschedule for bad weather?

Of course! We will discuss our options in the event of bad weather.  Don't let a less than sunny day fool you.  Sometimes cloudy skies make the best lighting situations for photo sessions. 

What if I need to reschedule? 

If you need to reschedule your session, please provide 48-hour notice and 24 hours for emergencies.

Can I use my own editing program to edit or change my images? 

Your images will be provided to your edited and retouched so there’s no need to edit your images further. While adding filters on Instagram and various apps are great for images taken on your phone keep in mind adding filters on your edited images can diminish the quality of the photo. 

Are my images watermarked?  

I actually have decided not to watermark the final images you download.  My hope is that you'll remember to tag me on any posts you make.  I truly appreciate the tag.